Dining In The Dark KL

Dining In The Dark KL

Dining In The Dark KL

Dining In The Dark KL

Are you looking  to try out something new, fun and a tad adventurous this weekend?

If you are then Dining In The Dark is exactly what you need.

Located in the heart of KL, Dining In The Dark offers its patrons a unique dining experience unlike any other.

As it's name suggests, guests will be dining in total darkness . As your optic nerve is overridden while your other senses take over,every sound, every taste, and every breath is an adventure.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, you will be guided by the "Darkness Expert" to your respected tables before a delicious and sumptuous 4-course meal  is served to you by their experienced staff.

There is a little twist to this already twisted and unique venue, their staffs consists of the visually impaired and blind persons who have led their life with minimal light.

Promised to be an adventure of a lifetime,Dining In The Dark KL operates daily from 6.00pm - 9.30pm.

Note* Do make reservations to ensure a table is available for you upon arrival.

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