Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering Ipoh

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering Ipoh

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering

Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering is one of Ipoh's highly sought after restaurants to dine at.

Ask anyone in or from Ipoh and they will surely point out that no dining experience is complete until you have eaten at Pakeeza.

The Restaurant has been around since the late 80's and is continuing to thrive to this day.

They were closed for some time due refurbishment works but that has not stop the crowd from packing into the establishment once their doors were re-opened.

The new Pakeeza now  seats less patrons so book and reserving your seat before you plan to dine here would be advised.

Apart from their new look and cozy atmosphere, the Restaurant has remained through to their Northern style cuisine with along with a few new additional dished to the menu. 

The restaurant has a wide selection of Naan breads such as garlic, cheese, plain or butter, to name a few, as well as numerous mouth watering dishes to chose from.

The price per dish is not too hefty as well which has contributed to the restaurant being one of the first dining choice for those looking to try delicious authentic North Indian food.

Pakeeza also offers catering services for every event and all their dishes are Halal.

So whenever you are in Ipoh, make a trip over to Pakeeza Restaurant & Catering for a meal you will not forget!

Business hours : 11am – 3pm & 6pm-10pm.

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