Sri Nyonya

Baba & Nyonya Restaurant In Malaysia

Baba & Nyonya Restaurant In Malaysia

Sri Nyonya

Looking for authentic Penang Baba Nyonya Cuisine In Kuala Lumpur?

If you are then head on over to Sri Nyonya in Petaling Jaya to satisfy your taste buds.

Established in 1986, Sri Nyonya is a family run restaurant that prides itself in serving up delicious Baba Nyonya dishes just like  how Ah Mah used to make.

Using their age old family recipes that has been handed down from generations to generations, Sri Nyonya does not take "short-cuts" on taste, no "adaption" to recipes neither do they believe in "fusion" dishes.

Instead, visitors to Sri Nyonya will have their palate teased and satisfied with the very best of Nyonya dishes just like in the days of old.

Do take note that Sri Nyonya does not serve pork and patrons are welcome to bring along their own wine & spirits.

*Ah Mah - Endermeant word for Grandmother

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