Tea And Tattle Restaurant

The Flying Noodle At Tea And Tattle Ipoh

The Flying Noodle At Tea And Tattle Ipoh

The Free Cupcake At Tea And Tattle Ipoh

The Free Cupcake At Tea And Tattle Ipoh

Tea And Tattle Restaurant

Tea And Tattle Ipoh

Looking to try something new and experimental in Ipoh?

If you are, head on down to the  Tea & Tattle Restaurant In Ipoh to try out their latest concoction: The Flying Noodle.

I've been to Tea And Tattle before in the past, that is, before The Flying Noodle was constructed and came to be.

The restaurant prides itself in offering a wide variety of tea selection that ranges from locally grown to the international ones.

Patrons can choose from berried flavored tea's, to flowery tea's or an even stronger tasting mix. In doubt over what to get or bold enough to try a mixture of tea's?  No worries, they also provide a selection of tea mixture to try out.

Apart from tea's they serve up delicious and hearty meals as well.

Since this latest Flying Noodle came to be, i was curious to give it a try, and last week, having made a trip back to Ipoh, a try i did give.

The ambiance and setting of the restaurant is one of my favorite features. The clean, bright colors mixed with the easy going atmosphere allows one to feel at ease while sipping on the Chamomile+Earl Grey mix, one of the many concoction, with no cares in the world but just good company, enjoying while the hours roll by.

Upon ordering this latest crafty meal, i was quite excited to finally be able to try it out. To add up to my anticipation, anyone that orders the Flying Noodle will receive a complimentary cupcake, FOC, as part of the meal's package.

As the plate reached my table, before consuming it, i wanted to figure out how does the Flying Noodle fly?

Answer: You just have to try it out for yourselves to figure this one out, as i did..  ;)

So, with much anticipation for this meal, my verdict: It's a 6/10 for me. 

Why? Maybe i'm not a fan of the curry base or maybe i should have taken the seafood instead of sausage topping and gravy. 

Ingenuity: 9/10. Taste is good, looks good, smells good and its super filling.

Overall: It's a dish everyone should try both with sausage and/or seafood toppings, just to see which suits your palette better. Also, nobody ever said no thank you to FREE cupcakes :D

Till next time foodies.. eat and be merry.

By: Mel.  10/05/2017


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